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Helping You Through
the Title Process, Every
of the Way.

Helping You Through
the Title Process, Every
of the Way.

Here at Hampden Title, our real estate attorneys specialize in many different aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions. We work with lenders, brokers, and individuals to prepare and review the documents necessary for a closing. We also can travel to you or work through the mail to prepare the proper real estate transaction documents. 

When you work with one of our real estate attorneys, you will receive quick service tailored to your specific needs. Each real estate transaction is unique, as the closing involves unique buyers and sellers. We understand this and we treat each situation with understanding and care. If you need the help of a real estate lawyer for your document prep, get in touch with us today or stop into our Hampden office.

Documents We Prepare:

  • Deeds
  • Owner Financing Documents (Discharges)
  • Lease Agreements
  • Wills (Insurance & Probate)

Closing Documents

To close on a property and complete a real estate transaction, you will need full closing documents, including a Deed of Trust, Warranty Deed, and Promissory Note. Depending on the type of real estate transaction you’re completing, you may need other documents as well, and we will prepare whatever closing documents you need for your particular transaction. Our documents are customized to the real estate transaction and can vary from person to person. We will help you determine the necessary documents and prepare them for you before the closing. 

Document Review

Our real estate attorney can review real estate documents and advise you on the contract. We can also prepare or revise a real estate document. 

Knowledge Is Power

In any real estate transaction, understanding the process gives you the power to walk into the closing with confidence that the terms of the agreement work for you. One of the most important things our real estate attorneys can do for you is help you to understand and prepare the necessary documents to close on the property. Let our real estate attorneys help you through the entire title process and give you the knowledge to guarantee a smooth and successful closing.

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